Safety On A Solo Trip

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TDLR: Traveling solo is not as terrifying as it might seem. Whatever your motive is for the trip (to have fun or to relax) there are a few key things I recommend to be safe. For example, stay alert, explore your area, filter the news, blend in as much as you can and let your close ones know where you will be exploring.

For details, read below.

Took a trip to Milan, Italy

Solo travel has several benefits and it’s one of my favorite ways of traveling. If you do plan on going on a solo trip I recommend to not only research, but also keep the following in mind for your own safety:

Stay alert!

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to feel paranoid, it just means to be observant of your surroundings. If something does not feel right trust that feeling and make the changes you need to make.


Not knowing the place you are visiting may feel uneasy, but walking or taking public transportation will help you feel comfortable with the area. Whenever I arrive at my destination I like to know what is around the place I reside such as stores, restaurants, attractions etc.

Roamed the streets of Rome, Italy

Don’t listen to EVERYTHING on the news.

The news channels can be informative, but it doesn’t help in feeling safe with all the issues on the news. Recently, for example, I was in Seattle and my parents were worried because the news showed chaos, but nothing was happening when I was there. If you do choose to watch the news or read news articles keep an open mind, don’t be so quick to believe everything that is said because not everything is true.

If I really want to know what’s going in the potential destination I will check out the hatch tags related to the city via social media (i.e. Instagram). Youtube is another great source to use to see any recent videos of the city.

Blend in

Random people have asked me if:

  • I was alone or was with friends?
  • Where I was residing?
  • Where I was from?

It is very common for travelers to know one another by asking these questions, but I was more cautious with people outside the place I resided. Just keep in mind it’s best if less people are aware that you are alone because we can’t assume that everyone has the best interest for you.

Also, to blend in, avoid constantly checking the map on your phone as you explore. It is better to memorize a few steps and then view your map so others are not aware that you are alone.

(Story time coming soon)

Exploring Madrid, Spain

Let others know your plan

Whenever I would go on a solo trip I made my parents and friends aware . Sometimes I wouldn’t know exactly what I was going to be up to, but once I did I would send my close ones notifications via Instagram, Snapchat or iMessage.

Remember whenever you swipe your credit card, it is an “indirect tracker” that can be used to find you as well.

Hopefully I didn’t dampen your mood with these tips, but enjoy your trip, being safe doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

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