Booking A Flight 101

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TLDR: Booking a flight can be easy for some, but also stressful for others. Over the years I have heard of several ways to get the best price, but I feel that it can be simple.

These are my three key points:

  • How far in advance are you purchasing your ticket? At the end of the day domestic and international flights don’t follow the same rules.
  • Best believe there are deals out there! Take advantage of the deals, why not save where you can and use the money you would have used on a ticket at the destination.
  • If anything please book on incognito mode. Ads are annoying especially when you are tracking a flight, remove this issue with incognito mode and there won’t be any unnecessary pressure.

For details, read below:

I love booking flights, but I know it can be quite a challenge for some to get the best price. There are several things to look out for and I want to keep it short and sweet for you.

Domestic VS International

Yes, timing is everything. Of course, prices tend to fluctuate, there are high and low seasons, but remember buying domestic tickets often follows different rules compared to an international flight. So, where are you trying to go?

From my personal experience I had noticed that it is not necessary to book a domestic flight so far in advance like three months out. Instead, as long as I book within one month to three weeks away from the date I want to depart I find the prices are reasonable. Any time after, the prices will increase.

On the other hand, International flights needs a bit more planning. Securing a flight three to six months away from the departure date is safe.

Now, do you have to stay up until midnight on a Tuesday to book? No, I don’t and I won’t tell you to do so either. Also, with the traveling industry changing, it may not be as effective. If you are tracking the price prior you will be able to make the call when it’s time to book.

Let’s Not Forget The Deals

It is no doubt that a cheap flight can appear at any point, there’s just no way to truly predict that moment. If you choose to hold off and wait for a cheap flight as the date comes closer you may risk paying a higher price. However, there are deals throughout the year and here are some ways to access them:  

  • Secret flying OR Skyscanner
  • Open to travel anywhere? Or want to visit a specific location on a deal? Take a look at these two sites.
  • Did you know that airlines provide their own deals? If you like JetBlue, Delta, Alaska, Spirit or any other airline, visit their website to access their deals. Keep in mind their deals change constantly and you can definitely benefit from them.
  • Skiplagged
  • This has got to be one of the best secrets for those who plan on being minimal on a trip (i.e. just traveling with a backpack or small carry on). This site won’t disappoint you.

Say No To Ads

I really hope you don’t book a flight without going on incognito mode. Why? Incognito mode protects you from the many ads you would have been bombarded with otherwise. These ads are there to push you to purchase the ticket. Does it work? Yes, because it makes you think that the ticket is so desirable and the price will fluctuate, and that may not be the case. Incognito mode will eliminate that extra unnecessary pressure.

For those that made it to the end, hope your booking experience is now a bit more fun and relieving. Safe travels! Feel free to comment below or contact me for any questions you may have. If you have more tips, let us know too.

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