The U.S. Is Bigger Than We Think

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TLDR: Last year I was fortunate enough to travel within the United States. In that time I realized how big and beautiful this country was. I had visited a few low key yet fantastic places and none of it was planned. This year I want more spontaneous trips and go with the flow. Not too long ago I learned that not everyone lives and thinks the same way as I do within the same country. Why not take advantage and explore the country I was born and currently live in.

For details, read below.

Every year I tend to have places I would love to travel to, but not this year. 2020 really changed my mindset in planning less and living more. I am here for the spontaneous trips! After visiting the random places such as Carmel By The Sea in California, Bandon in Oregon, and Winthrop in Washington, I now want to see more of what the U.S has to offer. There’s so much to explore.

When I was younger and I would travel to the Dominican Republic I realized that I was privileged in so many ways such as having electricity 24/7, running cold and hot water and more. Internally, I processed the concept that in order to experience something completely different from you, you must leave the country, but I was wrong. Just because you may be from the U.S. doesn’t mean we all think alike or even live the same way.

Yes, we hear tons of news of different parts of the U.S., but I’ve questioned what’s really out there.

Not going to lie I do think of the racial issues we are currently dealing with. There are so many different perspectives that may or may not align with mine. Plus, what if I run into something I did not expect? Yes any of this can happen, but it can happen anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, every country has their issues, no place is exempt. Of course, there’s so much preparation I can do, but a lot of the time you gotta just go for it and hope for the best.

So this year even if I leave the country I still want to see the country that I was born and currently live in. If you have any recommendations feel free to let me know and I will add them to my list.

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