Let’s Wrap Up 2020

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TLDR: Just a few hours before we close off 2020. I want to enter the new year on a good note and that starts with a reflection of my life throughout the year. What did I do this year? There are many moments I can celebrate like paying off debt, releasing Where’s My Pers, building stronger relationships, visiting the most random cities in the West Coast and moving out. However, I was furloughed, got COVID-19, dealt with some personal family drama and cancelled travel plans I was so set on going on.

My vision for 2020 last December was completely different, but I made it through! 

For details, read below.

We are less than 8 hours away from a new year, It’s about it time! 2020 will forever be memorable for all us, with the West Coast and Australia dealing with the wild fires, COVID-19 pandemic, the many protests, high unemployment, nerve wrecking presidential election and much more. However, I think it’s always good to look back and see how you started to where you are now so let me wrap up the year. 

Since 2018 I’ve been an Account Manager in a small family owned company in Chelsea. I was desperate to leave my job late 2019, but I was on a mission to pay off my credit card debt. Late March 2020 came around and I paid it off! Hooray! With the pandemic all their employees including myself were furloughed. Yes, it’s sucks, this is so bad for business, but I felt free. After much thought I made the decision to not return, time to do what I want, no strings attached. 

Soon after My family and I got COVID. How? No clue, we wore masks, sanitized EVERYTHING from the outside and washed our hands. All we knew was that my mother was feeling sick and was told not to visit the hospital unless things got worse. A few days later I couldn’t smell while I was cooking and then the intensity of my cough became alarming and painful. With the many natural remedies, hot teas, Robitussin and isolation we recovered. I was eventually tested with the antibody test and it came back positive. Fortunately, my parents and I made it through . 

With all the time I had, why not fulfill my desire to have my own platform for my travel content. With help, time and effort Where’s My Pers was born!

I had several trips planned like Puerto Rico, Mexico and Dubai, but nope it had to be put on pause. Best believe I was bummed about it, I can’t stay put in one place for too long. Fortunately, I got the chance to visit my boyfriend in the West Coast and we got to experience new cities in Washington, Oregon and California. I can’t forget the Halloween group trip to Salem. Although, I wasn’t able to travel to the places I originally wanted to go to, I am so grateful to have seen the coolest random cities many people don’t have a chance to see.

Throughout this year I was able to build stronger relationships with my sisters, my boyfriend, my friends and be more present. I am normally so occupied with work, travel and the many unexpected things that pop up that I honestly suck at staying in touch. However, I pushed myself to reach out more because life will only get busier and having genuine friends and family is important. 

To end the year I moved out! For the longest I’ve been wanting to move out, but I wanted to accomplish some goals before I left the nest yet things happen and it’s now time to shift things around. For those still living with their parents I know how tough it can be, I am forever grateful for the people (you know who you are) who helped keep me sane and continuously reassured me that I will be okay. The sense of relief I feeI now is something I don’t ever want to trade up. 

2020 has had its ups and down, but I came out of it stronger than ever. I am so ready for 2021! Can’t wait to see what’s in store. Happy New Years Everyone!

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