Solo Travel

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TLDR: Why not try a solo travel at least once in your life? It’s an unforgettable experience. You are able to do what you would like, make new friends, learn other perspectives and not have to wait on others to go on a trip. I’m often asked if it is safe? However, my perception on safety may be very different from others. Yet there are many ways to feel safe, but it all starts with researching where you are going.

For details, read below:

You are probably thinking why would I ever put myself through a solo trip, but hear me out, there is some good to solo travel. I did not start off travel alone, I worked my way up from traveling with family to trips with friends to solo travel.

Marseille, France

Why do I prefer it?

One opinion

  • When you travel alone the only opinion you have to consider is your own. You are free to do what you want without compromising. When you travel with others you have to consider their opinions in which you may or may not agree with.

Meeting New People

  • Just because you are alone doesn’t mean you can’t socialize. I love solo traveling because I meet new people and learn about other perspectives, values, traditions etc. You can do this in a group, but being alone pushes you to speak up, ask questions and communicate with those around you.


  • It can be difficult when you don’t have a travel buddy or some of your friends aren’t able to travel. Why wait to travel when you are ready to go? Just do it yourself.
  • But, how about my pictures?
  • I thought the same thing too when I started solo travel, but to my surprise the people around you are willing to take your picture. If you want a picture I bet they want one too, just ask.
  • How will I share the moments with others?
  • If I want to share the moments with my friends and family I will send photos or videos and FaceTime, and it wouldn’t feel like I’m being distant.

Is it safe?

Fortunately, I have felt safe traveling by myself. At first I was nervous because I only had myself to rely on and I did not know what to expect, eventually I loved exploring on my own. Every country has their own issues, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel. I may say I feel safe in New York City, but that may not be true for someone else. Everyone’s perception of safety varies. My number one recommendation is doing as much research as you can in getting to know where you are going.

Article on safety abroad

Why you should do it?

I believe that everyone should solo travel at least once in their life. There’s so much to get out of it such as learning more about yourself, others and getting out of your comfort zone. You might end up loving it or hating it, but it’s an unforgettable experience.

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