The New Administration

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TLDR: The United States has a new president! This is a relief, it was about time. This moment in time will forever be memorable, it is a reminder of the importance of our votes. We cannot expect change without action. The soon to be Biden Administration has a lot on their plate, I just pray that they make this country proud.

For details, read below.

In the past four years which was under the Trump Administration, has caused so much emotion. It became apparent on how divided our country was. Issues of racism, immigration, health care and taxation are just a few topics that has been up for debate. Of course, differences of opinion is bound to happen and it’s no news that everyone has their own motives, but I questioned the idea of empathy in this country.

As of Saturday, November 7th, the Trump administration has come to an end!

This voting election will be memorable for us all. From the anticipation on the results to the shocking numbers of those who voted to now having Kamala Harris as the first woman and woman of color as Vice President is exciting.

Our voice is important, there is power in voting. If we stay quiet we cannot expect change. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not perfect, nor should we expect them to be, but they might be a step in the right direction.

To my few friends and family members who have expressed their concerns with visiting the United States due to the violence, injustices, and protests as of late, we are on a mission. Our government is not perfect, this country has a long way to go to be better. I pray that these fears are slowly reduced and America becomes a place I am proud to call home. Let’s celebrate this victory now, but the fight does not stop now.

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