Travel Essentials

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As of right now, May 2020, these are the few items I carry with me every time I travel.

Portable Charger

You can be traveling all day, get home late, stuck in traffic and the last thing you need is a dead phone.

Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil has been my life savers for:

Acne/ Blemishes

Minor cuts and scrapes

Inflamed skin

**The oil may be intense, feel free to dilute it with other oils


For those with sensitive skin like me carry this, it helps with:

Bug Bites

Itchy skin


**You can mix this with Aquaphor Healing Ointment if you get irritated skin

Got To Be Glue (1.25oz)

Curly hair can be unpredictable so I just bring the small bottle for my edges, to tame frizzy curls, to lay down my hair for a bun etc. This gel “heavy duty” so your hair won’t be moving around.

Sandwich Bags

Super flexible and spacious which makes it perfect to pack items like jewelry, bar soap, cotton pads etc. It can also prevent spills from your lotions and other liquids when it is placed between the bottle opening and the cap, then tightened.


Have it at hand at all time to protect your valuable items especially at hostels and locker rooms (i.e. gym)

Unscented Baby Wipes

Helps stay fresh and clean at all times. You can place a few at a time in a sandwich bag to carry from day to day.

Hand Sanitizer

Some may say i’m a germaphobe, but I like clean hands. I tend to be out all day and sometimes I can’t wash my hands when I want or soap won’t be available, carrying this around has been useful.

Jabon Hispano/ Jabon de Cuaba

It’s a multi-purpose soap, but I specifically use it as a detergent. If I’m unable to find a laundromat, I rely on this soap because its small, inexpensive and easy to carry around.

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