Ways To Save

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TLDR: Savings tends to have a negative connotation to it. I want to help change that thought to saving for a purpose to live the life you want to live while being financially responsible. I mentioned 4 ways to save:

  • Reduce Spending
  • Open A Bank Account
  • Budget Chart
  • Carry Cash

For more details, read the post below.

Saving is important to be able to travel with ease. Personally, I dealt with my own credit card debt (I got carried away with it at one point), but as of March 2020, I am credit card debt free and have been saving ever since. In my opinion, just because you have debt does not mean you cannot travel, you just have to keep it under control.

Here are some ways to save to have the best time on a trip or to develop better money habits:


Think of it like this, if I’m spending less now, then I will be able to spend more later. For those who are like me who like eating out, online shopping etc., you don’t have to eliminate it entirely, but just minimize it.  

Meal prepping has been my money saver. While I love take-out, it adds up after a while. Consider shopping at Costco and Bj’s who sell larger quantities and/ or Trader Joes with less expensive products perfect for meal prepping. Keep in mind all supermarkets have their own deals that you can take advantage of.

There are different ways to meal prep:

  • #1: Plan your meal on your free day for the whole week
  • #2: Plan your meal for a few days at a time – My preferred method, I like to change up my options
  • #3: Plan you meals the night before

I love buying clothes, hair and skin products, heels occasionally, but I’ve cut back dramatically. Before I make a purchase I would ask myself how often will I wear or use it? I like to see it as an investment.

Shirt A$201x
Shirt B$2010x
Which is the better purchase?
Shirt B – They both cost the same amount, but I get more out of the item, worth my $20.

I like a good deal, it’s keeping money In my pocket. Will I buy a nice shirt to use once? Yes, but not too often.


Many of us have just 1 bank account (i.e. checking account). I highly recommend separating your accounts to help accumulate money for different reasons/goals. This method can be helpful to avoid spending more money as your account grows, “tricking your mind”.

For example:

  • Account #1 (Main Checking Account): Money coming in from work
  • Account #2 (Checking Account): Travel money
    • I would choose a checking account for your travel money to be able to access it easily. Remember saving accounts have limitations to how many times you may pull money out per month.
  • Account #3 (Saving Account): Emergency Fund
    • Please note: You can designate a percentage of your paycheck to a savings account apart from your personal checking account so you are saving automatically.


Many times we spend money in areas that we don’t realize is costing us more than it should. Knowing where your money is going and making the necessary changes will make a huge difference. Keep in mind it can help prevent debt accumulation

You can make your chart in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. It can be designed to your liking, but include the following:

  • List all expenses (i.e. credit card, student loans, rent, food, car payment, etc.)
  • Type of bills
    • Is it reoccurring? (i.e. rent is due monthly)
    • How much is owed per bill?
  • Your income
    • How much do you get paid?
    • How often?
  • How much cash is left over once your bills are paid?
  • What is your financial goal?

Using that information you can then make decisions related to how much you want to save for travel or other personal goals.

Feel free to contact me if you will like some financial assistance, contact Persis.


Hopefully I’m not the only one, but I like using my debit or credit card for payment instead of cash. Unfortunately, swiping your card constantly makes it real easy to increase your spending limit. I had a bad habit of not looking at my bank statements throughout the month that would only prolong my saving goals for the month.

I have learned that you are less sensitive when you swipe a bank card because you don’t see the money decreasing right before your eyes unlike cash. You don’t have to cut your cards, but it’s all about being smart with them.

If you aren’t able to carry cash:

  • Tip #1: Monitor your bank statements weekly
    • Verify that you were charged the correct amount and to monitor any fraudulent activities
    • If you swiped a credit card, do you have enough to pay it back? If not, avoid swiping your card.

If you can carry cash:

  • Tip #2: If your weekly budget is $50, carry $50, not only will you save, but the way you shop will change for the better because you are creating boundaries with yourself.

Remember the goal is to save, you can still enjoy your life while being financially responsible. It may be a challenge at first, but got this!

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