Checklist: Planning A Group Trip

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TLDR: Thinking of going on a group trip? Well, I am here to help you with a quick checklist to get through the important necessary information.

  • First, When & where are you going?
  • Then, Look into transportation + accommodation + activities
  • Don’t forget… Payment
  • Finally, Anticipate the trip!

To avoid confusion, communicate with your group throughout this whole process.

For details, read below.

Previously, in Traveling With Friends I discussed a few pointers that I have learned when it came to traveling with others. Planning a group trip can be stressful, but I have narrowed it down to a few crucial steps.

Please discuss the details with your group to all be in agreement.


  • Set the trip date
  • Pick destination(s)
  • Who’s going?
  • What’s the budget?


  • Find flights or other modes of transportation (bus, car rental, trains etc.) to get to the destination

            Hotel / Airbnb / Hostels

  • Find activities, tours, excursions etc.
  •            This will help make sure the destination will provide the vibes you want to experience

Don’t forget…

  • Finalize payments

          Everyone can purchase their own flight and split accommodation or any activity cost via Splitwise


At this point Flights + Accommodations should be booked

  • Share contact information within the group (Tel. #s / social media whichever works for you)
  • Share any updates and new ideas/experiences with your group members

Now anticipate the trip!

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