Hey Ladies, You Got This!

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TLDR: Travel might seem terrifying for some, but even more when you are a female. It is pretty common for women to be held at a different standard compared to a man and that’s simply unfair. I love seeing women doing what they want, being their true selves and succeeding. I am here to answer a few common questions all related to being a young lady who desires to travels.

For details, read below.

Traveling as a female can be really interesting because you face different gender role perspectives, attention, respect and more. To all the ladies thinking of traveling, but aren’t sure because of the fear of facing the unknown then this is for you. I want to share my perspective to calm any nerves you may have and inspire you to go for it.

  • Q: How have you been treated so far?
  • A: More than not I have been respected and treated fairly. There are several countries I have visited in which women are valued and can go about their business without much obstacles. Of course, in some locations I stood out cause of my hair, skin tone and/or language causing unwanted attention such as cat calling and being stared at. When I was mistreated it was not because I was a female, but due to other issues of discrimination and sadly racism in only a few locations.
  • Q: Are you afraid to travel as a female?
  • A: Nope, I am generally excited, but I can get slightly anxious facing a new experience because there’s just so much planning you can do.
  • Q: What do you do if you don’t feel safe at any point in the trip?
  • A: Whenever I feel unsafe I normally think about what I can do to get out of the situation. I tend not to panic cause it will worsen how I feel and then I won’t be able to focus. If I am unable to speak to someone for assistance, I will rely on my funds to get me out of the predicament asap.
  • Tip #1: Prior to leaving on a trip I budget extra funds for emergencies like being unsafe to be able to change locations unexpectedly. If I wasn’t able to plan beforehand for whatever reason I then rely on my credit card to make the changes I need to make (i.e. changing accommodations, getting a cab, new flight/bus etc.).
  • Tip #2: Throughout the trip I communicate my whereabouts with a designated friend/family member via text messages, social media or just sharing my personal location.
  • Q: What does your family say?
  • A: My parents are hesitant at first, but they get over it after a while. Some of my extended family members have commented on my travels and disliked it because I am a young lady and say, “it is not safe.” They have even said to wait until I was married so that nothing would happen to me.
  • There are 2 things I have learned:
    • 1. People have their fears and often times place that fear on you causing you to not do what you intend on doing
  • Yes, there may be good intentions behind someone advising you to avoid doing certain things in order to protect you. However, not too long ago I heard someone described the word fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. Often times the fear can be what’s holding you back.
    • 2. You need to live YOUR life.

Of course, be safe and responsible, but enjoy the one life you have.

  • Q: What’s your views on dating abroad?
  • A: Do it! Why not? You may meet the love of your life or meet someone who will just be another funny story. I use to think dating abroad would be massively different, but surprisingly that wasn’t the case. Of course, there can be cultural differences that can influence the way you respond to certain things, but I could have encountered this in my own city.
  • I would just recommend meeting in public and don’t be afraid to set your own boundaries for your own good.

I am all for supporting women to do what they want and if that’s travel I am here for it. If you have any questions that I may not have touched upon feel free to contact me or comment down below.

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