Traveling With Friends

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TLDR: Creating memories with your friends and family on vacation is a beautiful thing. I have had a few group trips and it has been memorable and that includes the good to the bad. If you are considering to travel with others keep the following in mind:

  • There is more than 1 opinion
  • Everyone has a different view on travel
    • What are the vibes?
    • What’s your personality type?
  • Are you financially prepared?

For details, read below.

Previously, I have mentioned how I prefer solo trips, but it’s not to say I haven’t been on trips with family members and friends. I’ve had both good and bad moments, regardless of how it came out I learned quite a bit.

When it comes to travel + friends…

More than 1 opinion

I am not oppose to hearing other opinions. However, from my experience compromise may be required to settle two opposing views. Unlike a solo trip you have to adjust to other people’s wants and needs.

Different views on travel

  • One of the biggest things I have learned is that everyone sees travels differently. You cannot assume how a person will be or may desire away from home. It is so important to be on the same page to avoid conflict.
  • It’s important to discuss this:
    • Vibes
    • What are you trying to experience? Examples below.
    • Chill or Party
    • Climate: Hot or Cold
    • City or Beach
    • Behavior
    • What describes you and your travel partner? Examples below.
    • I have realized that your personality back at home can really make a difference on a trip. It is not to say that you will be 100% sure on how you will behave away from home. However, your personality will help determine how you will go about certain situations.
    • Risk-taker or Follow the rules
    • Clingy or Needs alone time
    • Dependent or Independent
    • Outspoken or Reserved
    • Team player or Solo all the way
  • Feel free to add onto the examples within the categories: Vibes or Behavior. Remember do not assume, communicate and be clear on your boundaries, desires etc.

Money issues?

  • A big factor to travel is money, it doesn’t mean you need a lot, but enough to enjoy the trip. It is not ideal to cover expenses for someone else on your trip because you may have your own budget. There’s a saying that finances can end marriages, but I think it can also apply to friendships; therefore, prep before departure.
  • 2 easy money tips:
  • Carry an emergency credit card for any unexpected cost to not be a burden to your travel partner
  • Download: Splitwise to split ANY cost with your family/friends. Leave your worries to Splitwise.

Do I have to travel with anyone and everyone?

My answer is quite simple…it’s a no for me, but it’s up to you. I use to feel so much pressure from others, but be honest with yourself and do what makes you happy.

My final thoughts

Although, I may prefer solo travel, when you travel with people who are on the same page as you, the trip can be a lot of fun. It’s all about having a good time and being fair with whoever travels with you.

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