Surviving A Baecation

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TLDR: Having a partner who loves to travel as much as me was important to me. Many couples travel, but like I always say traveling can make it or break it between the pair. Traveling can show you who a person is and it can be for the best, but it can be nerve wrecking, at least for me. There are a few things I would highly recommend if you are going on a baecation:

  • Work Together
  • Time Management
  • Clear Communication
  • Don’t Be Hangry
  • Finances

For details, read below.

Many couples like myself tend to get excited when it comes to a baecation. It is a time to get away, connect and explore a new city with someone you love.

When the topic of travel came up between my boyfriend and I, I was nervous. I had all these questions like how will it go? Will I get irritated? What if I need my own space? Previous to this I had traveled with others and it was not the best experiences (stories coming soon). When you go away with anyone you just never know how things will turnout. I have learned that travel can make it or break it with anyone, it will just suck if it’s with your partner.

Being that travel was something that my boyfriend and I had enjoyed separately, I figured I might as well give a baecation a shot. Fortunately, my boyfriend turned out to be a great travel partner for me. In our adventure I learned a few things to survive the trip and here it goes:

Work Together

In a baecation you have to rely on each other, it’s just you two.  There might be situation between you both, just choose your battles. There is a high possibility that there might be challenges on your trip, but aim to work it out with your partner.

Time Management

My boyfriend says I can take too long to get ready, making us late for several events and I always respond, “You dress too fast and I need a heads up.” At this point, you know your partner and you know how long it takes for them to get ready. If you are the partner who takes forever, make sure to give ample time to avoid the rush out the door. Now If you are the lucky one making the reservations, you may want to tell your partner an earlier time to arrive on time.

Clear Communication

Everyone says communication is key which I support, but it is even more important when you travel. Your partner or yourself may be cultured shocked, homesick, but whatever it may be it is something to express to each other. Why? You may behave differently that could potentially affect your partner. By keeping an open communication it will help avoid miscommunication.

  • Don’t Assume
  • Often times making assumptions can cause conflict. For example, my boyfriend may be aware of some cultural aspects in a country we visit that I may not know, but he should not assume I know. Don’t forget to work as a team, teach each other what the other person may not know, it can be a moment of growth for both of you. Just be patient and keep the open open communication.

Don’t Be Hangry

You may be questioning why I chose to add this to the list, but I have learned how being hangry can really shift your mood for that time or the day. If you can prevent something you know might change your mood then I advice to address the potential issue beforehand to save the day. So if you are one to get hangry like me then prepare some food or carry a snack before you continue the day.


What is your budget? Now, what is it between you and your partner? My boyfriend and I would discuss our budget throughout the trip that worked for us both. This would help eliminate the idea of who’s paying the bill, but also keep us on the same page as with our finances.

Best wishes on your baecation, have as much fun as possible.

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