The Busy Crab Pot

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TLDR: Looking for seafood in Seattle? Then maybe check out this spot. It is not the world’s best seafood spot, but it was pretty good. I rate it a 3.5/5 because there were some minor things that can improve such as food taste and the wait time.

For details, read below.

Crab Pot – 1301 Alaskan Way Pier 57, Seattle, WA 98101

Restaurant Vibes

Three Words: Busy. Spacious. Minimal.

When I had arrived to the Crab Pot it was quite busy, there were people patiently waiting outside due to their 30 minute wait time. Apparently, it is a popular spot on the pier. Luckily we were got a good seating outside and surprisingly it was a big spacious place. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the restaurant was very minimal when it came to the tools to eat and the dish ware such as no plates instead our food was served on the table and there was no scissors available to cut the crab (I was told it was for safety purposes).

My Order

I ordered the Royal Crab Feast to share with my boyfriend and it was more than enough food for us both. The seafood tasted like it was boiled with sea salt and then the seasoning was on the outside. It is not like your typical seafood boil where your food is blended in wet seasonings in a bag. Plus, the corn and potatoes could have been cooked better, it was on the drier side. This place used dry seasoning on top. Nonetheless, it was tasty.

We were provided bread before our entree, but it was a tough piece of bread, not so appealing.

Now, the butter was like plain oil, it should have been seasoned, it needed flavor. Dipping my piece of crab in it was just adding oil to it. Maybe some garlic, salt, cajun or other seasonings could have been the game changer that would have added a kick to the food. When the butter sat out for a while it would slowly harden and at that point I would tell you to not eat it.

The piña colada was delicious! It had a good amount of alcohol, it was sweet but not overwhelming and it tasted fresh. Highly recommend!


Being that there was a 30 minute wait time, it can be an issue if you are already hungry. Try to eat a snack before your arrival at the Crab Pot. Fortunately, we did not have to wait long for the entree. Our server was kind and attentive. Being that he had several tables, he still managed to get our order correct and did not interrupt our table.

Would I recommend?

If you are looking for some decent seafood, this is the place. It was not mind blowing, but the food was tasty overall. It was on the pricier side, but it was a great amount of food per person. I just wish they paid more attention to the seasonings and the juiciness of the food. If you do decide to visit Crab Pot be mindful of the wait time, speak with the host once the time is up because we weren’t called to be seated. Enjoy your meal!

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