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TLDR: Getting to the destination can be exciting, but I think the adventure on the road can be just as fun. Now I like to be spontaneous, but there are a few things I have noticed in the several road trips i’ve been on in the west coast that are useful to have the best time.

For more details, read below.

While being in the west coast I have realized how fun a road trip can be when you are prepared. I have created a short list to help you on your road trip, keep in mind these tips are valid for any road trip.

  1. 1. Download your map (i.e. Google Maps)

Google Maps and Apple Maps can be reliable to an extent, but maybe not so much when there is a loss of signal. Downloading your map allows you to drive confidently, safely and worry free. I recommend Google maps because it allows you to download the selected area you plan to visit that works offline. Downloading it on two phones would be a safe call.

  • 2. Screenshot the directions

There were multiple times Google Maps and Apple Maps had spontaneously changed their directions while on the road. To avoid confusion, screenshot the directions. You might not need it every time, but it can keep you on track incase there are unexpected changes. Please note the changes can happen when you drive on a road with many intersecting highways.

  • 3. Download your music playlist, podcast or audiobook

Have a fun drive! You may lose signal, but having a playlist keeps you energized especially when there isn’t so much to see. I recently listened to an audiobook and it was soothing, may not be for everyone though.

Below are some podcast I enjoy hearing available on Spotify:

Accessing Audiobooks:

You may sign up for Audible for an audiobook; however, there is a free way to access audiobooks. If you obtain a library card from a public library in your state (i.e. New York Public Library) you can go on their site and request the audiobook you want for a maximum of 21 days. You can do this via the Overdrive App as well.

  • 4. Have your camera ready!

As you drive you are going to see amazing, breath taking views. If you aren’t able to take a good still shot, you can record a video and screenshot the angle you would like.

  • 5. Pack light snacks

You may pack as much food as you would like, it’s better safe than sorry. There are restaurants along the highway, but it can be patchy and if you are hungry it might be a while before you find something you like.

Food tips:

  • Stay hydrated with fruits besides water (i.e. watermelon, strawberries, orange, blueberries etc.)
  • To avoid a soggy sandwich, pack the condiments separately and build the sandwich on the road
  • To keep food fresh (hot/cold), consider a small cooler
  • 6. Put gas in your car

You might say this is common sense, which is true, but on several occasions there would be no gas stations for many miles. If you are hitting half tank consider filling up your tank before you go any further, make the stop. You do not want to risk it especially since the highways can get narrow with no place to stop, you may not be near a town and there aren’t many police cars on the highway.

  • 7. Restrooms Availability Varies

There are restrooms accessible at gas stations, but you may be required to make a purchase. If you do not have to go, just go. Like the tips above there are times you will not be able to use a proper restroom, there are just a bunch of trees. You may get in tuned with nature, just carry tissues (please do not liter).

  • 8. Be Prepared To Stop

You may have a set time to get to your destination, but be open to the surprises on the road. There might be some spots you will want to check out as you drive and it might prolong the drive, but enjoy the ride.

Feel free to contact me if you would like assistance with your road trip.

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