Travel Is A Privilege?

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TLDR: As you progress in life I think it’s important to acknowledge the position you are in. There are many things to be thankful for and being able to travel is one of them. Traveling is an opportunity of a lifetime for many and the following contributes to that:

  • Supportive Family
  • Freedom To Travel
  • Good Health
  • Education

It is also important to think about your priorities. Travel is my priority at the moment, which can change as I get older. Your priority may be different from mine; therefore, our focus and life decisions will be different.

For more details, read the post below.

Several months ago someone had brought to my attention the idea that travel is a privilege. Often times when you live a certain way for some time I think it is necessary to put your feet back on the ground and appreciate where you stand. I took my own advice and I thought of a few advantages in being able to travel:

Supportive Family

Many people I know are unable to travel due to the conflicting views from their own families. Having a supportive family is a blessing. Now many parents like mine would prefer their child to stay close by, but it’s the best feeling when they are open to the idea of creating your own memories.

Freedom To Travel

Being able to get up and go is something many people can’t take advantage of. Unfortunately, in the U.S, undocumented immigrants do not have the luxury of traveling as freely. Immigration is a complex subject, but the risk of being detained can limit their travels and their own personal accomplishes.  Apart from possibly being undocumented, there are those who:

  • Have multiple kids which can be costly
  • Having high debts and many bills (credit card, student loans, rent etc.)
  • Do not own a passport

Good Health

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I don’t appreciate my health as much as I should. Your health has a major role in your lifestyle. Having good health gives you the opportunity to try new things such as unique food dishes from different countries, the many activities like water sports, zip lining and more. Take care of your health (mental, physical and social health).


Do not take your education for granted. What you learn in school or on your own helps stimulate your mind and think beyond your imagination. There are those whose imagination is restricted due to limited exposure to the world or poor education. Travel might seem hard to achieve which varies depending on your mindset.

…and the list can continue.

So am I privilege? Yes, I am in a position others might not achieve in their lifetime. Travel information is accessible to everyone, but like the reasons above it can be an obstacles that can prevent you from traveling. I have never taken my travel experience for granted because even while abroad I am constantly reminded of how privilege I am even with the smaller things (i.e. having running water, electricity, 24/7 public transportation and more). Now for those in the same situation as me and ask me how I am able to travel please continue reading.

What are your priorities?

Aside from privilege I believe your priorities plays a huge part in your travels.  I have realized that what you prioritized in your life can influence how you go about your day. I like to do a lot of things like eating out and shopping online, but because I love to travel so much more I limit my spending to be able to save for my future trips. As I get older, the amount of responsibility will definitely change and I might have to readjust my priorities. However, right now I am choosing to do what I love and that is to travel. It is a great opportunity to explore the world and for those that can do it, enjoy it to the fullest and don’t take it for granted.

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