Sleeping In Bandon

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TLDR: You probably haven’t heard of Bandon, Oregon and neither have I until this summer. We stayed in Lighthouse Cove Inn right on Highway 101. At first I was a bit skeptical, but it turned out to be a great choice.

If you need a decent place for a night with cool views then this is the place for you.

For details, read below.

Lighthouse Cove Inn
Location: 460 US HWY 101, Bandon, OR 97411, United States of America

My boyfriend and I drove down to California from Seattle in 2 days. In that time we decided to visit Bandon, Oregon. It is not a big tourist stop, but it was something different and I wanted to see the beauty in this town. Being that it is a small town we weren’t sure if we should trust Lighthouse Cove Inn for the night, but good thing we did.

Three words: Spacious. Cozy. Disconnected.

Spacious because the room was big. Cozy because there is an electric fireplace, designated area to have a good cup of coffee and comfy bed. Disconnected because Bandon is no big city, but the small town vibes makes you want to relax and get away from the world (i.e. social media) and no worries there is signal.

What to expect in the area:

  • Walking distance from Old Town
  • Restaurants close early
  • 5 minutes drive from Kronenberg County Park
Kronenberg County Park
Breakfast area

Since we were leaving early in the morning we wanted a place to serve breakfast. Unfortunately, they only offered a very light breakfast (i.e. tea, coffee, granola bars, fruits etc.), not continental.

If you are traveling from Washington:

Beware of Highway 42 and 42S it is a local road leading you into Bandon and I do not recommend it. It was very whiny which I’ve noticed is quite common in the west coast. Now this is different because the road is narrow and it is quite nerve wrecking being that there is no barriers alongside the road. I recommend taking either highway 38 which is a bit more straight or highway 126.

Would I recommend?

If you aren’t looking for anything spectacular, just something for the night that is still decent then yes. It is right on highway 101 keeping you on track if you are doing a road trip. It is cozy and peaceful. I will say one night is enough time to explore the area. Breakfast was the main factor in our decision to stay here, but we were a bit disappointed with the selection. However, the beautiful views we were about to encounter makes up for it.

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